(to be used in my own ritual)

I am the Hymenaeus Alpha
My number is 777
I am the Bridge that is Between the Worlds
I man the Watchtowers of the Universe
That light the Way
O’er the shores of the Abyss of Night.
I am as Cold as a Cave of Ice
And as Dry as a Candle
I take the Work
The task I dare
As I enflame myself with prayer
The Bull that lows
The Lion’s roar
Are for the Saints
Who go before
The Eagle’s scream
The Serpent’s hiss
Are for the Babe
In the Abyss
I am the King
The King must die
That He may live
Beyond the “I”
My Heart’s life blood
I offer up
To Babalon
To fill her Cup
I give my Life
I give my Art
I hold not back
One speck of dust

I give my —–
I give my all
I am the Grail Knight,

— Grady L. McMurtry
[undated; circa 1980s e.v.]

Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, July 1991