(05/23/1944) Aleister Crowley to Grady McMurtry

Bell Inn
Aston Clinton

May 23 {’44}

Dear H.A.

Yours of May 20. I wrote you yesterday, and now you have changed your A.P.O.

The important item — in case you didn’t get it — is to send the £20 to Aylesbury P.O. as I don’t go to London at all any more, unless some dread emergency arises.

Many thanks for the criticisms: most useful. At present I cannot determine the final form of the book; it might, e.g., be a mixture of several methods. Perhaps it might even be worked into a semi fictional form; a account of the training of a “made-up” pupil, with the essays, letters &c worked in as milestones or turning-points in his progress.

I may want one or two of the letters back, when you send me the list of what you have.

No more now: I’m dog tired: the delayed-action bomb has been too much for me. Too long & too painful to write details.

So, for the moment, adios!

93 93/93 Yours A.C.

P.S. M.A.Sutherland 10 NORMAND Mansions {TC} W.14. wants his Lasher back. Please send it to him direct. So sorry I haven’t been able to get you one yet.

Note: This letter was written after McMurtry had visited Crowley. Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, August 1995.

(05/23/1944) Aleister Crowley to Grady McMurtry

Note: Thank you to William Heidrick for making this image available.