(12/04/1943) Oblivion

Oh sweet adultrous harlot of the skies
I yearn to thee with heart of burning fire
And pray that I might lie between thy thighs
To find in one mad, all consuming quire
The passion promised in thy tender eyes.

That I might find, oh sweet incestrous one
The flame uniting heart to soul and mind
And having found this love of two and none
Cast off the shell that maketh mankind blind
Unto the glory of the dawning sun.

And having found my rapture in thy kiss
Oh daughter of the evening’s purple charms
To know the beauty, and the carnal bliss
Of total dissolution in thine arms
My Babalon. Veiled by the dread abyss.



“Oh melancholy brothers


Death is the way of thy birth

Pain is the curse of thy mirth

Sweet is the kiss of the earth.

— 777

— Grady L. McMurtry

Note: Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, February 1993.