(02/15/1946) Grady McMurtry to Karl Germer

1661 Sacramento St., Apt 3
San Francisco, 9, Calif.
15 February 1946

Dear Karl,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Here is a copy of a letter I have sent to a fellow by the name of Peter Winegreen. He is a Jewish lad, I believe, from New York – address 120 Central Park St., NY, 19, NY. He was one of the assistant editors on the paper I put on the boat that brought us over from Le Havre. The “ideas I was expounding that night” had to do with ultimate values more than the O.T.O. as such. I was discussing the ophidian process by which the soul passes through life and death and stressed the point, I believe, that that part of the soul that has been captured by the material body is quite possibly only part of a greater force. Pete seemed quite taken with the idea and said, quote “I have often thought that something like that might be the answer”. I think that he might also like our ideas on Thelema and the letters of A.C.s on the Secret Chiefs, etc. But of course you will know best how to handle him when you see him. If he doesn’t com [sic] around, of course, nothing will have been lost.

Love is the Law, love under will.


P.S. I just happened to notice. This part of that sign of mine could represent Saturn with its rings.

(02/15/1946) Grady McMurtry to Karl Germer

NOTE: Thank you to Frater Orpheus for providing this material.