(08/1982) On Curriculum

On Curriculum
by Hymenaeus Alpha 777

What I have been doing in the last two articles “On Technical Information” is to acquaint you with a small portion of the plethora of information you are facing, and the simplicity with which it can be organized. There will be more, but at this point we consider how to study. That is curriculum.

When I submitted “On Technical Information (2),” der Heidrick said, “Grady, this is impossibly compressed.”

I: How many of the kids do you think will get it?

He: About a quarter.

I: That’s the whole idea. The bright ones will get it; the rest will ask questions. That’s why they invented dictionaries. It’s time we got them out of Sand Box I. They want to be Thelemic Magicians. Let them learn how to organize the material of their discipline so they can apply it. For our purposes Magick is defined “The Physics of Metaphysics.”

Curriculum is your specific course of study. It is divided into the subjects of your discipline. Take a shoe box (the one you swiped your rolling lid from), and a handful of file folders. Mark each folder with the name of a subject: Kabbalah, Tarot, Crowley, Latin, Sepheroth (Liber D), Astrology, etc. Set aside a stack of 8″ by 11″ three-hole punched pads for work sheets that will be filling these folders. The three-hole note paper is so you can later file them in your three-ring binder as your “executive loose leaf notebook.” After all, that is your Thoth Tarot deck. An executive’s loose leaf notebook on the pyramid mysteries of Egypt. Seen via the computer grid that is 777.

Next set aside a separate folder and tear out twenty-two pages from your pad. Mark each page “Z” to “A.” Put “A” on the bottom and “Z” on top. Words in the Hebrew code are spelled right to left so it is easier to read them back to front. Gets you to thinking upside-down like a typesetter. Believe me, this will stand you in good stead when you start revolving the cycles. Then as you go through and start numbering the Hebrew words in your 777, 418, Kaballah Denudata, Masonic readings, etc., you will start to build your knowledge of the Ship’s Code Book and you will start getting acquainted with words like ZRO (AyinReshZain = 277). Why is that important? According to Crowley, in his story Atlantis, the production of ZRO (that is, “sow, propagate; seed, semen”) was the principal object of the priests of Atlantis. Crowley was not always kidding. I suggest you take him seriously. Also other goodies:

ZION Nun-finalVauYodTzaddi = 156
Will-Power Nun-finalVauTzaddiResh = 346
Vrihl LamedHayYodReshVau = 251
The Understanding (Binah) HayNunYodBet = 67
The Tree of Life Mem-finalYodYodChet Tzaddi-finalAyin = 228
Torrentes Aquarum Mem-finalYodMem YodQofYodPehAleph = 291(O yez  get a Latin-English dictionary.)
Skull (Golgotha) TawLamedGimelLamedGimel = 466
Long of Nose Mem-finalYodPehAleph Kaf-finalReshAleph = 352
The end; appointed time Tzaddi-finalQof = 190
Controversia Domini HayBetYodResh = 217
Choronzon Nun-finalVauZainNunVauReshVauChet = 333
Aquarius YodLamedDalet = 44


And how do we get all those groovy English equivalents from the Hebrew- Egyptian fire alphabet? Well, you just invent your own, like Tarzan learning to read from a book he found in a jungle hut. But it’s handy to have a guide. Ours happens to be:



Hebrew English Value Spelling Symbol
Aleph Aleph A,X 1 Peh-finalLamedAleph An Ox
Bet Beth B 2 TawYodBet House
Gimel Gimel G,C 3 LamedMemGimel Camel
Dalet Daleth D 4 TawLamedDalet Door
Hay H,E 5 HayHay Window
Vau Vau F,V,U 6 VauVau Nail
Zain Zain Z 7 Nun-finalYodZain Sword
Chet Cheth Ch 8 TawYodChet Fence
Tet Teth Te 9 TawYodTet Serpent
Yod Yod I,Y,J 10 DaletVauYod Hand
Kaf Kaph K 20 Peh-finalKaf Palm
Lamed Lamed L 30 DaletMemLamed Ox-goad
Mem Mem M 40 Mem-finalYodMem Water
Nun Nun N 50 Nun-finalVauNun Fish
Samekh Samech S 60 Kaf-finalMemSamekh Prop
Ayin Ayin O 70 Nun-finalYodAyin Eye
Peh P 80 HayPeh Mouth
Tzaddi Tzaddi Tz 90 YodDaletTzaddi Fish-hook
Qof Qoph Q 100 Peh-finalVauQof Back Head
Resh Resh R 200 ShinYodResh Head
Shin Shin Sh 300 Nun-finalYodShin Tooth
Taw Tau Th 400 VauTaw Tau Cross

Let’s take a practical example. Crowley says someplace that the Tree of Life and the Thirty Aethyrs coincide only at certain points. So take the Index of Aethyrs in your 418. Note which ones relate to a Thoth card. On a work sheet start with:

Atu I, The Magus Third Aethyr, ZON for the paths and work down. Also start a separate sheet for the Sepheroth with:
(1) Kether ReshTawKaf Aethyrs 21 and 16

You will find quite a different universe. A world of planes and islands where reality exists only where certain vibrations coincide. Rots of ruck, and good hunting!

Oyez — If you prefer to use “X” for Aleph and save “A” for the GreekKabbalah, Ararita would look like this:

X Th ‘ R X R X
—- H. A. 777 

Inspired by Hadit Encampment, where they know NOT (TetAyinNun = 129) what they do.

Note: Originally published in The Magical Link, II:8 (August, 1982 e.v.), and Thelema Lodge Calendar, June 2002.