(06/16/1945) Karl Germer to Grady McMurtry

June 16, 1945

Dear Grady,

From the midst of a heat-wave, let me gather my strength and write you, as it is Saturday, and I have some time to spare.

I have just mailed another package (one was sent about a week or two ago) with Chili con carne and a package of crackers. This comes from Sascha. I suppose she has written you direct thanking you for the wonderful perfume you so kindly sent her.

Your two letters of May 3rd and 26th are as yet unanswered. Let me try my best.

Yes, I believe most Americans do not like the cooler climate you find in Europe, and the winter not at all. While we suffer from this heat in a way you just cannot imagine. You can protect yourself against the cold, but not against humid, sticky, all-penetrating heat.

Sorry, I could not write too clearly about Frederick. He is with a Government office, and everything is very secret. He’ll get in touch with you himself, as soon as he is located. He has your address. If he can, he will visit A.C.

I don’t suppose you will have the slightest difficulties with the German civilians –

[LEFT MARGIN:  This refers to your remark on “Werewolves” + their horrible danger.]

provided you do not coddle the top Nazis, as the papers say you are doing. Take the last vestige of fear away from the civilians (I mean, of course, fear from vengeance by the Nazis) and you’ll wonder how they would only like to cooperate. Again provided that this non-fraternisation rule is abolished. I can assure you that the vast majority of Germans will have the feeling of having been liberated. What is required is, by some decent publicity, to open the eyes of a nation fed for years and years on nothing but Goebbels lies. They are bound to have a completely distorted image of the world outside. It will take some time to redress this state of affairs. I may tell you that when I came out after seven months of Nazi Concentration Camp, my own sister thought I had lost my mind when I told her some few details of the C.C. experiences. She just was unable to believe them. How then should the population generally react differently? Whoever thinks differently does not know human nature the world over.

It is another thing if the political program of the leaders of the the allied nations had decided to eliminate the German people as a political and national entity forever – which is quite conceivable. In that case the wisest policy might well be to use the hate method to keep the fires of vengeance burning among the whole of humanity reached by modern publicity and propaganda means. I have no criticism of such a program either. What I criticise is only if a Thelemite becomes the victim of any such form of willed and planned acts.

[BOTTOM MARGIN:  So that gradually the Germans will be a people set aside, shunned, + different]


Steiner (Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophic Society X° of the O.T.O.) predicted almost 40 years ago that Germany would be destroyed and the nation dispersed over the planet. I have written in my diary 20 years ago that the Germans might have to take over the role the Jews have plaid [sic] for the last 2000 years. There are many similar statements by others. Now, if you assume for a moment that to accomplish this was the plan of the Gods – then where are we? It means a complete re-valuation of all values and I leave it to you to think this out.

I was glad to read you are studying history and other subjects. I think what most people who are serious about life need more than anything else is the study of history so as to get the proper perspective, something a newspaper addict or adept can never hope to obtain. We must know what we are, and what the Masters have produced before in the matter of human civilisations in other fields and places to get a truer vision of present-day events.

Thanks for your notes on payments. I’ll credit you accordingly. Keep me up-to-date, from time to time.

I have read most of your poems. I got an idea that some of your earlier period are a little stilted in places – though I may be mistaken, while those of the latter period where you transmute immediate, direct experiences under the shock of war, that moved you deeply, into poems are simpler, more beautiful, more mature, more masterful. Don’t take my criticism to be worth too much. You should be your own critic, as you grow to your perfection. I won’t promise too much about what I’m going to do. But I’ll let you know in due course. Unfortunately I have no literary acquaintances. Many of your poems use thelemic terms and are, therefore, beyond the scope of normal readers.

Let me close now. Your letters are always very welcome as they add to my knowledge of matters that interest me very much. I could envy you for getting around so much. A pity that you can’t fraternise and speak German so that you could learn the viewpoint of poetry-minded Germans when the chance comes along. There are some Thelemites in Germany, by the way. But I have no addresses at my disposal. Did A.C. ever mention Martha Kuntzel, Tiefestr. 4, Leipzig? She is now 83 years old, if she is still alive. She speaks English fluently. Has the greatest library of 93 books and MSS. and has done very very much for the Work. But – Leipzig is going to be in the Russian zone, so I doubt you’d have a chance.

Well, here again, all mine and Sascha’s best wishes for further progress.

Yours ever

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Note: Thank you to Frater Orpheus for providing this material.