(01/12/1946) Karl Germer to Grady McMurtry

260 West 72nd St.
New York, 23, N.Y.

January 12, 1946.

Dear Grady,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Thanks for your note of January 6th with the enclosure (receipt from the Censor). I had been wondering what was happening as I did not hear from you. Max wrote me that you had seen him and given him that typescript, also that you were leaving for San Francisco.

I got your letter too late to write to S.F., so am mailing this c/o Max.

One letter was returned. Probably unimportant, but I enclose it.

I do not hear from Agape Lodge, so don’t know whether anything is going on there. It often seems to me as though that awful inheritance from the Smith period -urge of independence from Grand Lodge, suspicion of its motives, or wisdom of its measures, failure to understand subtle magical currents – were a heavy mortgage on the present management of Agape Lodge. Also female interferences seem strong. However, as I am in the dark on the state of activities, and more so on the spiritual and magical state of Jack, Jane, Ray and others, what magical work they are doing, it is impossible for me to form an opinion in any positive way. There is rather absence of opinion, and that is not good.

A.C wrote me Dec. 5th: –

“I am very glad Grady has got in contact with you; he seemed to me to be developing splendidly in every respect. I shall value very much his report on conditions in California. I should like him to go to all the various adherents, whether actually in the Lodge, or out of it (with, of course, the exception of Smith, who is to be completely ignored). It is, of course, part of his duty as a (VII°) Sovereign Grand Inspector General to do just this job of running round summing everything and everybody up, and reporting to you.”

There is one positive matter I would like you to go into. A.C. sent Jack some months ago a copy of the typescript “Commentary to AL in three sections” a voluminous commentary on all verses of AL. Jack was very enthusiastic and though it should be edited and published. He promised to underwrite the publication, and later to send the first instalment [sic] of $125 before the Solstice. Neither I nor A.C. has received this, and A.C. who on the strength of that promise, drew up his contract with Mr. Wilkinson, has been left in the lurch. Please ask Jack what he is going to do about this. The matter is urgent, as Louis Wilkinson is under contract to complete his job by April, and we to pay him.

Let me close now. Best wishes from Sascha and myself.

Love is the law, love under will.





(01/12/1946) Karl Germer to Grady McMurtry

NOTE: Thank you to Frater Orpheus for providing this material.