(12/07/1941) Now I Know

Now I Know
I read the lines of Prophecy
And spoke the runic writ,
The red Goetia gave to me
The number of the Pit;
So on the brazen door I knocked
Before I could discern,
“I go to Put my horns in hock,
Please wait ’till I return.”
Now me, I am a Patient lad,
Nor do I mind to wait
And so I sit me on a Pad
Before the Postern gate,
But cramped asana causes thought
And soon I had reflected
A tiger skin’s more cheaply bought
Than devil hide collected.
So thinking thus I took to wing
And lit upon a rafter
Which would have been just dandy but
He sent somebody after ——–

Grady McMurtry
12-7-41 e.v.

Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, October 1987