(03/03/1943) Witchwine

In the sanctum of the Cavern
By a phantom altar, burning
With desires mad and unhuman
Know we but the fiery yearning
Of our hearts that to each other
Cling in fear and wracked devotion;
In the red alembic bubbles
Venom of a lethal potion.
This to feed those who would part us
This to those who cackle “Witch”
This to clergyman and Bishop
Bought with gold by robber rich.
This to barons in their manors
This to hangmen and the cell
This to henchmen of the kingdom
May the silent ghouls feed well.
This to those who inquisition
This to those who damn the free
This to murderers patrician
May they die in agony.
This to merchant, prince and burgher
This to Pope and gilded lord
This to merceners who fatten
On the profits of the sword.
This be secret, dark, and eldritch
This be weapon, charged with worth
This to lift the curse of Mammon
From the peoples of the Urth.

— Grady L. McMurtry
3/3/1943 e.v.

Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, May 1990