(01/26/1946) Grady McMurtry to Karl Germer

1661 Sacramento St., Apt. 3
San Francisco, 9, California
26 January 1946

Dear Karl,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Inclosed [sic] herewith you will find my report to A.C. on the State of the Order in Southern California. I think that you will find in it all that I have to say concerning them. I received your letters in good condition while I was in L.A. The one you sent to Jack and the two in one envelope that you sent to Max. Regarding the publication of the Commentary – I saw a letter from A.C. to Jack acknowledging payment of the first installment. You should have received word of this by now.

By the way, Karl, I am a Captain now! Yes, it finally came through. My terminal leave will be up the 2nd of February so what did they do but cut an order dated the 2nd of January promoting a large group of 1st Lt’s to Captain. On length of service, I suppose. Something like sending flowers to a person after he is dead. At least I will get a month’s pay out of it. Not that I will have much left after I finish paying for my suit and typewriter and the clothes I will have to have for civilian life.

Do you have any extra copies of the Book of Thoth? As you may know I am supposed to have a certain number of these books set aside for me as collateral on money I loaned to Aleister. My idea on that is this. If I can sell several of those books here in San Francisco I can have a fund to start my Lodge Treasury, thus the money would never leave the Order. For further word on my plans here in S.F. see the Report. Perhaps I can even sell some for your transfer fund to Aleister. Do you know if there is any O.P.A. ruling on selling these books for $75 or more? Perhaps you had best get in touch with Aleister about this before sending me any. If there are any left.

Roy seemed to think that there is a good possibility of finding Sascha a position in one of the Voice Schools in Hollywood for the summer. I know that he was discussing the possibilities with Max and Jean

Do you think Aleister will hand down some kind of policy on the running of Lodges, initiations, individual programs of practice, reports on new phases of private practice, etc? I know that all of this is contained in the literature but perhaps a special summary would be helpful at this time.

This will be my address for some time, so far as I know.

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours ever,

(01/26/1946) Grady McMurtry to Karl Germer

NOTE: Thank you to Frater Orpheus for providing this material.