Far out beyond our lace of bars

Among the sprinkled world of stars

We find, at their swift play, the knaves,

The gossipers, the spectrum waves

That leap from out the fiery hearts

Of countless of the starry darts

That stud the blackened blank of space.

Humming joyfully in its race

This willful, gay, precocious light

Will have its sway in bursting flight

Until vibrations dance is slowed

The stardust of the suns

Is sowed.


Lashing out on its flashing wings

Around the universe it swings

For shy light is the fleeing prey

Of every swaggering cosmic ray

That struts along the aisles of space

And brags of this far distant place

Or, floating in the void close by

A blazing sun that brights the sky.

For by a random chance it sprang

From out a nova’s bursting pang

Then, lanced out through out galaxy

And on and on



With streaming, rainbowed plume aloft

It charges out in brave assault

To scatter wide on cosmic dust

And only then, with driving spent

Can it find quiet or content

From white searing heat, spreading rife,

This is the ultimate of life!

Of power, flooding from its source

To dissipate its heaving force

Throughout the limbo of the night

That shrouds and swallows

Eager light.


The rip tides of eternity

Pulse slowly in maturity

As, when unto death relinquished

The last faint fires are extinguished

And glowing radiation pale

Comes sifting down the spectrum scale.

The time clocks of the suns are slowed

And all the hall where once they glowed

Is now a vaulted, hollow husk

Where light has played from Dawn to Dusk

When on this feral cosmic sea

Triumphs the final



Note: Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, December 1994.