(1964-1966) Haikus


Note: This is an assortment of haikus written by Grady McMurtry in 1964-1966

Smoky the Bear contemplating
Sounds of tourists departing:
A pile of tin cans in a high wind.
(Japan Air Lines 1964 National  Radio Haiku Contest Selection)

Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, June 1989 and December 2002

Note: The following haikus were originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, December 2002

Runnel toothed pelvic tree root
Carved by the strontium enriched rain drop
Happiness is a Mickeymouse Civilization!
(10-24-64 / 1)

New car showroom blare lights
Shiny little pieces of God shimmer, glimmer
Tinsel I love to touch
(10-24-64 / 2)

Department store Santa canned laughter
Ho! Ho! Ho! echoes the parking lot!
America’s great big mechanical heart.

Mutant, the wild sport species
Glowing by night in the suburb
Strontium 90, I love you!

Dinosaur state of Hobbes’ choice
Shining in your armor plate waste land
Rust and Fall rains cometh
(12-22-64 / 1)

Android tech in space drift
Dead in the milling asteroids
What now, Deux Ex Programmer?
(12-22-64 / 2)

Painless Cartesian automata
Replacing your spare parts from the freezer
A wonderful world is Cyborgia!
(12-22-64 / 3)

Procrusted Red “Wall”
Bloodied chopping block logic
Back to the tree-tops!

Anubic New Moon
Guiding our steps in Night World
Who is holding your hand?

“Springtime” on Phobos:
On bright-side of far Home World
Are the healing woods.

Cold! the desiccated heart
Back to the pack, Jack

Up! Out! Astronaut!
Down, Fall firefly, on failed wings
Burning, offering

Drop! Imperial
Space Marine! Your valor mocks
The carrion flesh
(2-17-65 / 1)

Virgins of the Queen
Holy Order of Dead Men
Blaze! Magian Star!
(2-17-65 / 2)

Maid of the Star Drifts
Magian hieroglyphs
In your “Cave of Space!”

Leap, Holy Dead Man!
In the clasp of Our Maiden
Shines the Star-Son “child!”
(2-22-65 / 1)

Drop! Imperial
Space Marine. Your Gothic soul
Your Heart’s dread desire
(2-22-65 / 2)

Explode! drained “White Lamb.”
See! Glowing in Her Fire-Grail
Your transforming Blood!

Love is one person
Male-Female symbiosis
In the goblin night
(May 10, 1965)

Sporting, cavorting
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
Sad-eyed, the clown types

Cold and silence. Share
My star-light continuum
With the rocks and trees.
(Atu 12, The Hanged Man) (7-21-65)

Barbaric nonthink
Intellectual wasteland
Catbox the Tiger

Faith of our fathers:
Vigilante beheading
As spectator sport
(10-13-65 / 2 — 1140 hrs)

Rivers of dry leaves
Rushed by cold wind
Rustle for summer rain
(11-18-65 / 2 — 1005)

Cruelty becomes
Your implacable justice
Immortal youth-gods
(April 7, 1966 /0930 hrs)