(09/28/1944) Aleister Crowley to Grady McMurtry

Bell Inn
Aston Clinton
Sept. 28 {1944}

Louis, dear man!

93. Delighted to get yours of Sept 16. Glad book arrived in shape.

No: Karl didn’t put it clearly like that. It is a hellish bore. Last month only $150 instead of $250; which is awkward, because reports, from every one, of V2 are so bad that I don’t see any sense in going back while it lasts. Most puerile, too; they seem to get no range or direction at all – so far. Maybe these few are only sighting shots; when they feel sure, a hailstorm! We’ll hope not.

Anyhow, it means I have to pay two rents, unless I can continue the partial sublet.

Luckily, Tarot goes on selling; it’s quite fantastic. Binder holding me up, too; it may be 3 months before I can deposit your ‘collateral’ copies. But I hope you will prefer any plan for your career as any Fidus Achates, alter ego, Caliph, + so on.

Your “Oxford English Verse” containing Kubla Khan went off this week. (I’ve got a really first-class woman now to do my typing, London shopping, +c. Only £2 a week; still £2 is £2. Never min; the Gods will see us through (you don’t say if you sent £20 in Sept 1 or not.)

Groups. There are all sorts, some fairly decent + substantial, some a bit on the four-flushing side, as far as wealth + numbers go. [e.g. One is a Cardinal; sports portentious arms – with a rubber stamp – and wants to see me very much but can’t find the fare from Yorkshire!]

But they are all sincere; and, so soon as we are more of a growing concern, e.g. by a public Gnostic mass, will come along to hell quite prettily. Two men, really by pots, came to see me Saturday. If they will back us financially, by a printer’s, and so on, we can begin to do things in a byway.

I should let them all keep on with their indolence, if, when they come in, they still feel it worthwhile. But, if we do our stuff, they will feel that their own is a bore and a farce.

Some of them have been here to see me, some have only written.

I like your idea of “Gentlemen-in-waiting” but first I must have a proper G.H.Q.

You should certainly look up Louise if in Sprontston. Also note well:

Wren C. Falconer 52275
Naval Party 16’45 A
Naval Bases Normandy
c/o G.P.O. Reading Berks.

This is the Girl of Girls You saw her independently smiling face on my wall at 93. Now look for her; the other end is prehensile; God’s greatest gift to any woman.

Have you a copy of Artemis Iota? I can’t find one anywhere; + I need it to stick into “Aleister Explains Everything” – the chapter on Love. Send if you have; I’ll return it when copied.

93 93/93 Yours {signed} Aleister


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Note: Thank you to William Heidrick for making these images available.