(08/1981) Caliph’s Log: Star Date … You Name It

NOTE: This brief article appeared in Grady’s “From the Caliph” column in The Magickal Link (Berkeley: O.T.O.) in August of 1981 e.v., on the first page of the issue. This article seems almost breathless in its enthusiasm for the rapid growth of the Order during the early 1980s e.v., of which after may years of hard work to “jump-start the war-horse” and get the O.T.O. working again, Grady as Caliph could be justly proud.

Caliph’s Log: Star Date … You Name It
by Hymenaeus Alpha 777

I have just returned from a most fantastic adventure. In fact I wouldn’t believe it except for the fact that I was there myself. But then, how many times have I said that?
I mean, meeting Crowley was something like you wouldn’t believe. But then so was being a Company Commander in the invasion of Normandy. So what else is new?

Well, since you were dumb enough to ask, I will tell you.

We have gone International. Yep! that’s right, troops! Two weeks ago in Montreal, Canada, I initiated fifteen Minervals on one night and eight Minervals the next. As Robert Anton Wilson will tell you (note: Cosmic Trigger) 15 + 8 = 23. Of course they have a Third Degree for Lodge Master.

I am proud to announce that we now have a Phoenix Lodge in Montreal, Canada. I have a suspicion that French-speaking Quebec may be a lesson for all of us. When you stop to think about it, what do the French miss? Well, I knew there had to be some reason why the Caliph-to-come had to have a Master’s Degree in Political Theory. What the French miss most is the romance of their Foreign Legion. Their Legion of Strangers. Who happened to be mostly German. And who in the hell are we? We happen to be their Templars. Who happened to be mostly French. Which is why we speak a lingua franca in the field. “In the field” means to be in combat. I should know. How in the hell do you think I went from a buck-ass Private in the rear ranks to a Major of Ordnance in only seven and a half years of active duty? But then, on the other hand, how many centuries has it been since we have seen a real live Templar on a foreign battle field? But that is our ancient heritage. Personally, I think we should be proud of it.

The next question is: How many countries does it take to elect an O.H.O.? An interesting thought.

Note: Originally published in The Magical Link, August 1981, and Thelema Lodge Calendar, February 2002.