(08/06/1948) Minutes of Agape Lodge

NOTE: Here are the minutes of Agape Lodge of southern California for 8/6/48 e.v. recorded by Grady acting as the body’s Secretary, in what may be the last formally recorded meeting of that body before dormancy under Germer’s headship of OTO.

August 6, 1948 e.v. 8:30 P.M.

The meeting was called to order at Camp Agape with six present: Sister Wolfe, Candidate Dr. Montenegra, Sister Burlingame, Brother Burlingame, and the Master of the Lodge.
The Master of the Lodge stated that he is not pleased about the lack of attendance at the meetings, and since it surely must be a part of each member Thelemite’s Will to forward Thelema, at least each should be present at meetings. Each person should be a center of drawing persons to the work and for the work and in addition to spreading the Law of Thelema, each one should be busy with his own advancement toward his H. G. A.

He called attention to the fact that Fall and Winter are coming on and we can continue as is with only five, six, or seven members or we could spend our time in study to advance ourselves — but stressed the need to draw new members, carefully stressing that these should be drawn in, not to study the Books of Aleister Crowley, but to help each find freedom.

The Master of Lodge also went on record that he would see to it personally, that every member will be present at the next meeting which is to be held Sept. 3, 1948.

Then the Master of Lodge brought up several points wherein he felt each of the members had failed in approach to possible candidates. Particularly, he felt that some had been driving others away by saying down with the Roman Church, Down with this, and down with that, — although no name was mentioned as to who was using this approach. He was very careful to emphasise that there are many paths but only one goal, and that we cannot lead others into our Path by downing other paths. The main point is, he stressed, that each member should feel and reflect the Essence of our Work, bringing out as an example the story of Rama Krishna when he said, “If by my talking and I talk myself to death, I can hold one man to freedom, then it is worth it.”

After again stating for the Record — “I shall bring every member to the next meeting” — The Master of the Lodge declared the meeting closed.

cc. Grand Treasury General

Master of Agape Lodge
Brother McMurtry
Secretary Agape Lodge

Note: Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, April 1997.