(07/07/1943) I, Rebel

I, Rebel
He – rebel – you
There in the darkness
What have you seen? What weird
Infernal gorgon nychtolopic holds
Your trance-like gaze in awestruck wonder set?
What lich – or visions larvae lethal have you found
That snares your thoughts in mesh-like plexus bound?

Oh fool – thou
There upon the precipice you stand
Slobbering and gibbering at the moon – know this truth
There is a universe – and there is a not universe
A seen – and an unseen
A Thing – and a no Thing
A Being – and that which is beyond Being
A Chaos – and a Cosmos
A That-Which-Is – and a That-Which-Is-Not
You are
I am not.

Grady L. McMurtry

Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, May 1989