(11/20/1959) The Great White Hunter or: Bill Green Redivivus

The Great White Hunter

or: Bill Green Redivivus

In the forms jungle primeval,

Like a Knight Medieval

Our “Wild Bill” Green will seek his foes

Slash red tape and step on toes.

Stalking the wily bureaucrat

In his native habitat.

Straightening out the young green peas

Lost in forest, finding trees.

Up to all his usual tricks,

Shrink his eyeballs with a “fix”.

For the sacred cow of rubber

Hone his fangs, carve the blubber,

Smiling while he eviscerates.

Lifts his voice and deprecates

A pay scale that will guarantee

Organize stupidity.

In this deck there’s just one joker

He’s a card, bright and ochre,

Who should be dealt with, back to back.

He’s a living One-Eyed Jack!


(and the One-Eyed Jacks are Wild, Son!)


— Grady L. McMurtry

Note: Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, August 1993.