When out the misty future clears
The written history of the years,
Across those scrolling pages laced
The fury of our storm is traced
In burnished gold, for from the walls
Of mighty Karnak’s carven halls
Shrill silvery bugles sound the charge!
Come, Soldier-Priests of ancient Tharge
Arise ye Templars of the Graal
Send forth the ringing challenge: Hail
The rebirth of the Laws of Pan
Reclaim your heritage and span
The waiting world. That which effaced
Our holy cause must be erased
With fiery sword and lifted rod
The mystic symbol of our God!
And when the dawn proclaims the day
Then may the crawling Christians pray.

Thus it came that as the aeons crept or fled the spirit grew;
Out of elemental substance foamed the hot and potent brew.

Foamed and spewed in theurgic rhythm, roared a thundering litany;
Molded from its psychic forces our enshrined epiphany!

Stood our pantheon incarnate vesting full the Will of Man,
Glowing in its royal splendor, filling the imperial plan.

Brooded then within the mountains,
From the park, between the fountains
Came a cyclone funnel roiling,
Holy, sacred Nago coiling
Rearing high the hydra hood
Which sign and token of the Rood
Guards with his canopy the Priest,
Our Lord of Lords, our King–THE BEAST!

Now our champion before us
Striking in the sight of Horus
Down into the valley swinging;
With a surging timbre ringing
Bright battle axe and arching sword
Slash in and through the serried hoard
Of those who thought to bound their hope
Within their own small meagre scope.

Hooves of thunder are a pealing
Roll as back they stagger reeling
From the black mailed Knights of Heiro,
Adepts of the station zero,
Sit their steeds of mighty thew
Swing out and then come shearing through
To criss and cross behind these cattle
Stampeding from the shock of battle!

So mote it be!

Ho the rebels
Hail the carnage,
See the piles of stinking slain
Where the Christians met their Masters
South of Ulan, on the plain.

So in triumphal procession march the Lords of Karnak back
Tie their wounds and burn their dead before their bloody arms they stack.

As in wild and joyous revelry carillon and cymbals ring
Giving homage to our chosen Gods and glory to our King.

For on the littered plain this day was cleared an ancient wrong
The infidels were made to pay and yield unto the strong.

Yea, ruthless as the cleansing sea we crush the Christian might
And now they lie enslaved before our revered Gods of Night!

What mortal man can do to Man they did unto our sires
But we, immortal, gathered strength from sacrificial fires.

Reincarnated stand the host that bridged the gulfs of time
Avenging what the Church of Rome had poisoned in its prime!

We honored not a craven slave
But followed one who deigned to brave
And tread the curving, star strewn path
Beyond our universe, the wrath
Of Chaos slumbered, to our sight
The darkness sheds eternal light.

Now to the joyous sacrifice
As cringing heathens pay the price
By dozens and by hetacomb
They taste the justice that was Rome
Upon our altars, as we feast
And give ovation to the Priest
Whose slashing knife unstops a flood
Of living, heady, salted blood
To overflow the hallowed cup
The Chalice held that we may sup
The symbol of eternity;
Our union, our fraternity
Of mind and body, soul and thought:
Our one is all, our ALL is nought!

— Grady Louis McMurtry

Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, April 1990