(05/1982) On Disturbing the Tranquility of the Gods

On Disturbing the Tranquility of the Gods
by Hymenaeus Alpha 777

It is written that the Lord Siva was enjoying His tranquility meditating upon Himself in a higher manifestation as the Lord Vishnu, when He realized something. Which meant big trouble for someone, for now He had to find the fault and correct it. What He found was that Cupid had shot His heart with the Shaft of Flowers, and that He was deeply in love with this beautiful Goddess who had desired Him greatly, but had not been able to break His tranquility to tell Him about it.

Having found the cause of His problem, the Lord Siva raised His third eye and burned the little asshole right out of the sky. Only to discover He had another problem. He truly loved His Goddess Queen, for Love’s Arrow had been true, and He could not resist Her plea that He restore the little Agent of Love, for there was this beautiful little Goddess Princess who adored him and was just pining away and they would make such a wonderful couple, and besides —

So to restore domestic tranquility He recreated the little idiot and went about His business of establishing how They would meditate, since there were now two of Them, which reminded Him of His disturbed tranquility; and what of Vishnu? Only to discover He had no problem, since he Lord Vishnu was now engaged in much the same domestic situation, and don’t call me I’ll call you, for is it not written “That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above, but with a difference?” Viva la difference. And perhaps that is what the Lord Vishnu had in mind in the first place. It’s lonely at the top.

Which brings us to the Gods and how to define them. On page 20 of MT&P Crowley says, “…for the Gods are but names for the forces of Nature themselves.” Capital “G.” Yet he normally refers to elemental forces with a small “g.” After all, just add AL at any set of letters and shake and you have a “god,” i.e. angel. Hagiel, for example ( = 49 = Intelligence of Venus), from whence we derive the word “hag,” no doubt. Whereas Nuit says first (AL I:11), “both their Gods & their men are fools,” yet she follows with I:21, “there is no other God than me, and my lord Hadit.” Which obviously makes “God” a twosome. As in Elohim ( = 86), masculine plural of feminine singular. Or, as we say in the Gnostic Mass:

Male-female, quintessential, one,
Man-being veiled in woman-form.

Still, small “g” or big “G,” the g/Gods are not to be trifled with, and there are plenty of warnings about banishings and precautions, such as Crowley took in Liber 418. Another funny thing about angels is that they have to be turned on. Thus if you want your angel to see, for example, you would have to give it eyes, since angels are blind until you turn them ON = 120, the Eye of the Fish, a name of GOD. Otherwise it is best not to disturb Them except in the course of an ordinary working relation, as they are immortal and your physical body is not.

I wonder what would happen if you disturbed the tranquility of Venus in the midst of the most fantastically erotic billions of years orgasm it is possible to imagine? Reminds me of the sci-fi story I read once where all of man’s progress/history/invention/everything, from whenever on, was because this space biker had blown a fuse in this particular part of the galaxy and had to develop a culture with laboratory equipment of such clinical precision that he could obtain the refined material he needed to go home. In this instance Venus, having found the mischievous sprites who had tangled the circuits, and having given them proper work to do, is seen disappearing in a cosmic bang of pure ecstasy, having created Her male companion, which had been the whole thing to begin with. Like Vishnu. Blessed be they who catch the faintest flash of that supernal splendour. I can hear the happy couple now as They disappear in a cloud of incense: “Well, thank god that’s over. Labor disputes are such a bore. Now what shall we do for the rest of Forever?”

All that energy has to come from someplace. Speaking of which, Antie has Her color organ fixed. She says it works beautifully now that She has fine tuning; no more discordance in the lower planes. “Yes, my Lord. Now come to bed and let’s forget all that…”

“Work & be our bed in working!” — AL II:66


Note: Originally published in The Magickal Link:, II:5 (May 1982 e.v.), and Thelema Lodge Calendar, March 2002.