(06-07/1982) On Technical Information

On Technical Information
Part One

by Hymenaeus Alpha 777

I never cease to marvel at the amount of technical information Crowley has tucked in the back of his head. And the simplicity with which he had it organized. Once you have this computer matrix firmly in mind, you can spin in any direction. Crowley worked Thelemic Magick. How did he think? Let’s take the formula

Seven letters, seven planets. Simple. Maybe. Let’s take a comparison check using Earth, Asia, Asiah, Material world:

Ephesus Saturn Universe Tau 32
Smyrna Sun Sun Resh 30
Pergamos Mars Tower Pe 27
Thyatira Venus Empress Daleth 14
Sardis Mercury Magus Beth 12
Philadelphia Jupiter Wheel Kaph 21
Laodicea Moon Priestess Gimel 13

Check columns II through XLI just off hand. The seven Chakras are assigned to the Sepheroth (column CXIII).

Now you have a matrix. You might as well get used to working with it. It will be your paradigm for how this knowledge is organized. As Regardie has observed, “In writing 777, Crowley invented a whole new literature.” Or, “Universes destroyed, created, and maintained while you wait.”

With Revelation 4:4 we start getting twenty-four a lot. Twenty-four equals the number of “Elders” of the Apocalypse, suggesting a Judgmental factor in the relation of ARIK ANPIN = 422 and ZOIR ANPIN = 478, since twenty-four divided by two equals Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (column CXXXVII) of which we each have one, Twelve Tribes of Israel (column CXLI), Twelve Stars of the Crown, etc. Also a lot of sevens. Seven Torches, Seven Spirits of God, Seven Seals (and we will remember Aleister Crowley’s Seven Rites of Eleusis), Seven Horns, and Seven Eyes to be studied in relation to the Seven Cities of Earth in your matrix, seven being the number of Venus in the Sephiroth and Zain in the Paths. Also seven is considered to be an “unstable” number, Venus being a weak planet that low on the Tree — and for other reasons that make Venus what She is — and Zain equals Sword / Mind / Gemini / Air.
With Revelation 7 we start getting a lot of fours. Four Angels, Four Corners of the Earth, Four Winds, Four Living Creatures, Four Corners (note that diagonal lines through the center would give you a Saint Andrews / Templar Cross) of the Golden Altar — and that Golden Altar can talk, man! (Revelation 9:13) — sounds like one of those far-out trips on Star Trek where they find the whole thing is run by some out-of-date computer — or waking up to the idea that this whole universe is really just some kid playing Pacman at the local arcade — four being solidity (see four of Disks, Thoth deck, for the Four Gated City / Map of Atlantis / Buddhist stupa / Pyramid etc.) — Jupiter — two squared — Chesed in the Sephiroth — Venus in the Paths — etc. Also more sevens. Why was it necessary to shut up what the Seven Thunders had to say? The Angel who delivers it has got to be the “Sag” card in the conventional deck. And that far-out “small scroll” — about the size of Liber AL, I would say off-hand — “sweet as honey but bitter to digest” (Revelation 10:9). Pure speculation — it says here — until we start running into those “three-and-one-half times trips” (Revelation 11:9, etc.), when it starts becoming pretty obvious that we are talking about your own Psychic Body and how to construct it — a la Egyptian Pharaoh style — but then we are heavy into the Egyptian trip — Ank-f-n-Khonsu having been a Prince of Egypt — and who was that other guy? Oh, yeah, Moses. Three-and-one-half being the number of times the Kundalini serpent coils about the base of the spine, thus providing the Lead (Saturn card, Atu XXI) for the alchemical transformation into the Gold of Tiphereth (see Caduceus in Levi’s BAPHOMET) and other purposes.

More on 777 next time.

Written at Hrumachis Encampment in the Valley of Salt Lake City, where I slept below the salt and drank Androgyny Apple Juice in the Garden of Eve. May they see the clear Light of the Void. And you also.

On Technical Information
Part Two
Hymenaeus Alpha 777

With Revelation 11:3 we start getting twos. Two witnesses / olive trees / lamp stands. As if we didn’t already have two Eyes of Horus, two prophets, and with Revelation 11:8-9 we get that “great City (Pyramid / Stupa / map of Atlantis / etc.) whose mystical name is Sodom and Egypt (land of Ank-f-n- Khonsu) — where their Lord also was crucified (Osiris risen).” Seems crucifixion of a God is not new to Christianity. Also two is Chokmah / Ajna chakra, and also a possible solution as to how one “raises” the Third Eye. If you will take a detailed look at the Yogin psychic body chart you will note that the two leaves on each side of the “Third Eye” bulb are marked with the same letters as the two leaves on each side of the Sahasrara chakra, the Venus path (Binah-Chokmah) being the horizontal component (a position Venus seems to appreciate) and the Sahasrara chakra being at the top of the Sushumna fire column in the middle of the spine as the vertical component. Certainly explains the Kundalini serpent on the Tau cross Moses raised in the desert, apparently his form of the Ankh. And another “three-and-one-half days,” Revelation 11:9.

With Revelation 12 we get a lot of mystical creatures that can be variously explained, and “seven heads, ten horns.” (One is tempted to say “tin horns.”) So seven heads equals seven chakras; ten horns equals ten Sepheroth. So what else is new? Maybe the fact that Koran and Kabbalah come from the same source. Koran / Quran — Qof-Resh-Nunfinal = 350 (the horn; head). Now a horn is an instrument of communication and for transmitting or receiving energy. If you had ten of them working in synchro-mesh you would be rather formidable. Even if you only had four. Like that far-out computer complex / golden altar, with a bullhorn (“now hear this!”) on each corner, must be some raunchy broadcasting station. Or only two — Pan only has two — like our Baphomet. When a certain forever-young lady of the Order recently said to me, “I’ve always thought of my Angel as having horns,” I immediately thought of Pan / Hermes / Baphomet, and of course Alexander (the Great, not “the Grape”) and the bust showing him wearing the “Horns of Amoun.” They look like a conventional ram’s horns curled back above the ears; but in Egypt those horns would be the Feathers of Amoun. They are two, pointing up, facing away, and thus equal the two wings of Maat / Balance / Justice / Truth. And since Libra is blindfolded like any candidate to the Mysteries, Justice / Truth obviously must have a different way of knowing than our usual rationality / monkey brain. More like a sense of direction, like Cupid and His far-out Shaft of Flowers. Those feathers remind me of the upright antennae of some moths. Obviously sensing organs. But in what dimension?

As for Kabbalah / Qabalah — Qof Bet Lamed = 132 (to receive). Again, communication. But how to receive? Look at the words: Qof Bet Lamed and Qof Resh Nunfinal. Both begin with Qoph — Qof = 100 (back of the head) — Pisces / two moons connected / the feet (thus establishing a power-pole connection between the back of your head and your feet) / Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet pointing at two moons / etc. Beth — Bet = 2 (house) — Magus; and Lamed — Lamed= 30 — Libra (balance). So when you have reached that state of Initiate Innocence where you have with great labor balanced the male / rational / solar part of your nature with the female / lunar / intuitional side, you just might achieve what in Scotland has been known for centuries as “developing the second sight,” the ability to see “on the astral” (whatever the hell that is). If so, you might start hearing voices and seeing things that are not there. If so, for gods’ sake don’t tell anyone. In this country you could end up spending the rest of your life committed to an insane asylum. In the old days they used to burn nice little old ladies at the stake because they couldn’t tell them how they knew that certain plants were medicinal. They just knew. So keep your cool and don’t be fuel.

So far we have emphasized 777, but Liber D equals Sepher Sepheroth, and every time I number a word you are expected to check that number, since Sepher Sepheroth is the ship’s code book — be the first kid on your block to have a copy of the Ship’s Code Book! — with your very own Eye of Horus seal ring! — Ship — Aleph Nun Yod Hay = 66 — “The Aleph Fish Creates the Window.” And it’s a far-out Code Book. Sort of like Dungeons and Dragons. You want to know about Dragons? Try 450 = Taw Nunfinal — the Dragon. Sounds like a big mother. Dragons — Taw Nun Yod Nun Yod Memfinal = 560 (and 550). Draco Magnus — Taw Nun Yod Nunfinal    Gimel Dalet Vau Lamed = 553. Draco — Taw Nun Yod Nunfinal = 510 (and see 440). But what is a dragon, daddy? Well, kids, it seems that a dragon is very much like your mother (Saturn be praised) when She used to go to the beauty parlor to her Her hair curled (shades of Medusa), because that is exactly what it means: Taw Lamed Yod = 440 — the Great Dragon, means “curls.” Cute name for a Dragon. Or how about mountains. Want a mountain? Try Hay Resh Resh Yod    Tzaddi Aleph Vau Nunfinal. = 571 — the Mountain of Zion. Tzaddi Yod Vau Nunfinal = 156 — the City of the Pyramids (Equinox I:5, page 103) / BABALON, the Victorious Queen / Jane Wolfe’s number. Oz, as in Liber Oz, equals 77 (goat), but for 888 = Jesus (Greek numeration) we have to go to Equinox I:5, page 107.

More next time.

Note: Part One originally published in The Magical Link, Volume II, Number 6 (June 1982) and Thelema Lodge Calendar, April 2002; Part Two originally published in The Magical Link, Volume II, Number 7 (July 1982) and Thelema Lodge Calendar, May 2002.