(02/03/1945) Grady McMurtry to Aleister Crowley

1814th Ord S&M Co (Avn)
APO 149. % PM, NY, NY
3 Feb. 1945

Dear A.C.,

Sending along 1000 Francs this month (equivalent to $20 or 5 pounds) to your new address. I was very painstaking in pointing out that it was Mr and not Mrs or Miss. Trust you will have no trouble this time. Thanks for the receipt – I must get busy totalling up my credit slips. With two jobs on my hands at the same time I’ve hardly had time to turn around except on business.

Letter from Jack dated the 14th of Dec. He gave me an idea of their program and I must say it sounds constructive enough. He didn’t mention Smith but seemed to think that Regina could be induced to come back and help out with the work. She would be a great asset to him in many ways – taking care of classes, coaching new members or old in the proper way to perform the Mass, etc. Seems he has sold out the one business and gone into another – I suspect that one reason was to put him back on his feet financially. But then he will probably need considerable capital to get his new interprises {sic} going – he seems to be supporting the entire lodge out there out of his own pocket.

I have news of La Gauloise but I can not guarantee its importance. By cunning and bad manners I practically forced my way into the presence of Charles Münch, Chef d’Orchestre of a Symphony in Paris, and presented the manuscript. or score, or whatever it is. Anyway – seems Mr. Münch has his telephone listed privately to keep away the thundering herd – so I couldn’t call him up, and when by shear luck I secured his address and tracked him to his lair no one would answer the front doorbell of any of four apartments – all at the same address. So I wondered my way up the back stairs – it said “Service” and I’m a serviceman – and by pounding hither and pounding yon I finally located the apartment. Then all I had to do was get by an assortment of menials intent upon keeping common trash away from His Majesty. After a lot of obstinate “No compree’s” was finally ushered into The Presence and found a quite amiable chap – as quite often happens in such cases. One glance at the score and he was profuse with his tres bons but was puzzled as to what I wanted him to do with it. After explaining same he promised to quote recommend unquote the song to certain people interested in popular music and having access to the airways. He gave me a shot of excellent cognac before I left and took my address there the matter stands. So far I’ve heard nothing spectacular.


Note: Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, October 2001.

(02/03/1945) Grady McMurtry to Aleister Crowley

Note: Thank you to William Heidrick for making this image available.