(06/11/1945) Breakthrough


We saw them coming high, that dawn,

Their silver wings aflame

With morning sunlight, driving on,

In endless streams they came;

They filled all heaven with the spawn

Of dragon-seed, and flame.


Beyond the hard-won beach, their sound,

Beyond St. Mere Eglise

They opened bomb-bays over ‘Trond

Then spilled their cargo free;

Concussion rolled and rocked the ground

From St. Lo to the sea.


The sky fell in that summer’s day

On friend as well as foe,

And good men died to pry a way

For tanks, who stole the show;

Smashing hard on a line-drive play

That broke us through St. Lo.

— Captain Grady L. McMurtry, U.S. Army
6/11/1945 e.v.

Note: Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, June 1995.