(05/04/1962) Renewal

I must go down
In Earth’s dark crown
I must go down the slope
And sink my roots
In sandy boots
My arms a leather rope
I must be drowned
In rolling ground
Enclayed in silent hope

I must decend
The curtain rend
I must go down the Cave
In bones be traced
And, venous laced,
Possess the poisoned slave
Nor sing on high
For Kings who die:
This is the cycled grave

To be at home
In graveled loam
By Our Goddess planted
Pebbled eye enchanted
Redundant soil
Be where I spoil
Spiritus decanted

I must lie still
Beneath the hill
A star-born Dragon seed
And then course up
Renewed in Goddess mead
And blossom proud,
A starry cloud,
Thrust on; such is Her need

Fair Goddess of the Windward Sky
Diana of the Groves
Divine Thy trees, Thy woodland frieze
Divine Thy treasure troves
In silence meet, in darkness greet
To share Thy Fish and Loaves


Note: Originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar, November 1993.