InSight is the official newsletter of Blazing Star Oasis. Click the links to download free PDF versions of the newsletter.

Current Issue

Volume III, Issue 3: Anno IVxxi, Sol in Cancer (Summer 2013 e.v.)

  • Oasis Master’s Address by Frater Pralixus
  • Blazing Star Local Dues Program
  • Egyptian Metaphysics: Part 2 by Frater Sekhem-f n Anpu
  • Saturn by Soror Qadash
  • Mort by Soror Fieri Facias
  • Group Magical Record of the Scrying of Atu XIV: Art

Past Issues

Volume III, Issue 2: Anno IVxx, Sol in Libra (Autumn 2012 e.v.)

  • Oasis Master’s Address by Frater Pralixus
  • Egyptian Metaphysics: Part 1 by Frater Sekhem-f n Anpu
  • Analysis of the Keyword by Frater Berashith
  • The Ritual of the Children by Sorores Aeterna and Fieri Facias
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper: Fall 2012 Horoscopes by Liz Rose

Volume III, Issue 1: Anno IVxx, Sol in Gemini (Spring 2012 e.v.)

  • Oasis Master’s Address by Frater Pralixus
  • Events at Blazing Star by Frater IAO131
  • Blazing Star Temple Dedication by T Ce Acatl & Frater Pralixus
  • Thelema in the Streets by Soror Grace
  • Neon Prince by Soror Anika
  • All About Religion by Nitnorth

Volume I, Issue 1: Anno IVxvii (Spring Equinox 2009 e.v.)

  • Our Mission
  • The Divine Feminine by M
  • Why Ritual Practice is Important by IAO131
  • The Science of Shapeshifting by Soror Isis
  • Astronomical Mystery by Matthew Demattei