About Us

Blazing Star Oasis, Ordo Templi OrientisBlazing Star Oasis, OTO, chartered on January 10, 2009 e.v., was formed by the voluntary unification of three local bodies in the San Francisco Bay Area: Thelema Lodge, Mons Abiegnus Oasis and Therion-Babalon Oasis. Although Blazing Star Oasis is a relatively new body of the Order, we are proud to continue the work of our founding bodies and enjoy the longest historical legacy of any local body in the Order.

The members of Blazing Star Oasis are a diverse and dedicated group of initiates who are excited to offer their knowledge and experience to further the aims of the Order and promulgate the Law of Thelema. We are excited about taking our wealth of knowledge and experience into a new era for the Order as we continue the Work in the Bay Area.

The majority of our public events now take place at the Bay Area Thelemic Temple 77 8th Street, Suite 206, Oakland, California. We are reliably open to the public Sundays at 3:30 PM and Tuesdays at 5:30 PM. Please contact us to keep abreast of our event schedule.

In honor of our roots, we are in the planning stages to host the website of each predecessor body, as a link to our legacy, right here, within our own website to allow visitors to get a feel for who we are and where we came from.

Historical Information

Thelema Lodge

Thelema Lodge was originally chartered by Hymenaeus Alpha X°, Major Grady Louis McMurty (U.S. Army-Retired-Deceased), the Grand Master of O.T.O. from 1977–1985 e.v.. Thelema Lodge served as the Grand Lodge for the entire Order during the reemergence generated by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha and Soror Meral.

Mons Abiegnus Oasis

Mons Abiegnus Oasis nobly carried on the work of the Order in the Valley of Marin from 1996–2007 e.v., whereupon it moved into San Francisco proper at a site still used by Blazing Star Oasis through December 2011. This body focused its work on the exemplary performance of our rituals for over 13 years.

Therion-Babalon Oasis

Therion-Babalon Oasis, originally chartered 14 January 2006 by the U.S. Grand Lodge Electoral Council, was a relatively young body that enthusiastically embraced our unification. Therion-Babalon Oasis Master Marlene Cornelius was named to take the inaugural chair of Blazing Star Oasis Master upon unification of the bodies.

Blazing Star Oasis

Blazing Star Oasis has continued the work of the three predecessor bodies since its inception, retaining membership from all of them as well as cross-membership with Sirius Encampment, which continues to operate in Oakland. On 5 August 2011 e.v., the Electoral College approved the transfer of the Mastership of Blazing Star Oasis from Master Marlene Cornelius to Secretary Pralixus. Past-Master Marlene remains closely involved with the operation of the Oasis, and serves as the body’s Archivist. With the dedication of our new temple on 20 November 2011, we have seen a renaissance of Thelemic culture throughout the Bay Area and a vast increase in activity and interest in our Work. We are proud to carry the legacy of Thelema in the Bay Area into its fourth decade.