Bay Area Thelemic Temple

Bay Area Thelemic TempleThe Bay Area Thelemic Temple is a temple space in Oakland, California in which to gather, teach and celebrate Universal Brotherhood. Blazing Star Oasis, a duly-chartered local body of O.T.O., and the Grady Louis McMurtry Memorial Library form the heart of the Bay Area Thelemic Temple.

We have weekly celebrations of the Gnostic Mass, classes offered by practitioners of their favored disciplines, and social gatherings designed for the sharing of spiritual experience—the possibilities are limitless. At the heart of this miracle is Blazing Star Oasis, a dedicated group of Thelemites uniting our larger community in the pursuit of “True Will,” the one perfect and unique path for each individual.

Bay Area Thelemic Temple
130 E 12th St.
Oakland, CA 94606

(Note that it is East 12th Street, not 12th street; the cross-street is 2nd Ave). 

If walking from Lake Merritt BART station, click here for directions to the Temple.

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