Report from Slovenia

An Sol in 23 of Taurus; Luna at 18 Scorpio, dies Mercury
V:0 2014 e.v.

Dear sisters and brothers!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

My name is Jure Sršen and I’ve been a member of the Order since almost exactly one docosade ago. I currently serve as an Initiator and a master of FNIX camp in Idrija, Slovenia.

Brother Matjaž Lazar who is helping me with this report was a member since the 1985 of the vulgar era. He was THE begetter of Thelemic and magickal movement in Idrija and its surrounding. He is an artist, specializing in Collage technique. He is running “Enochian academia” here. Currently he is finishing his Enochian Tarot cards.

This is a short report of things that are going on in Slovenia now and in the past.

Slovenia is a very diverse place and this can also be evident in individual approaches our O.T.O. bodies sometime have. Currently there exist 3 centers of Thelemic power: Maribor, with Stele of Revealing Oasis, Ljubljana with its Camp-in-Formation Hriliu and our own town’s body FNIX Camp from Idrija.

OTO has existed in Slovenia since 1986 e.v. when the first OTO body was created in Maribor under the name of Bennu Tabor. Maribor also had the 2nd OTO body later on that was called Lifted Spear Tabor. It was this group that began with almost regular practice of Gnostic Mass in Slovenia. Both bodies were also doing Initiations, Eleusinian rituals, various Thelemic celebrations, Enochian magick and so on. Both OTO bodies joined together in the year 2011 e.v. into a new Oasis called Stela razodetja or Stele of Revealing. In September 2013 e.v this Oasis got the new place which is now joined with Založba Ibis, a publishing company for Thelemic material. Stele of Revealing oasis regularly performs initiations, and Thelemic celebrations . They also plan to have ritual workshops, book presentations and more.

Ljubljana also has an interesting history. In the beginning of the 90’s there was a temple on Metelkova where most of us from that period were initiated under the banner of LIL Oasis. It was a very powerful few years that still echo in the members today. In that period NOX magazine was published for the first time. It held translations of important papers from the past and original chapters from the current members.

Today there is a camp in formation in Ljubljana that will be called Hriliu. It already has its dedicated temple. In that Temple one can be a participant in a Gnostic Mass, or a guest at various workshops on Tarot, Astrology and the like. It was this place that was recorded by Slovenian state TV last year as a celebration of the release of Slovenian translation of Book 4. I am not joking here. One could see a part of Banishing done by our sister, and we could all listen to the vise words from our Frater Superior Representative who answered a few questions for them.

OTO in Slovenia in general

The OTO in Slovenia is registered as a religious organization.

Slovenia is not a big country, or an old one, but one of our big advantages is an enormous collection of translated material from Crowley; almost all of them are done by one Janez Trobentar who is an incredibly dedicated and gifted translator and author of his own material. He has published his own book called Človek-Sfinga-Zver. It was he who created the NOX magazine and it was he who translated the first Book of the Law in 1985 of the vulgar era!

Now on top of this we also have a dedicated brother and owner of the Založba Ibis Matjaž Žabjek who is publishing most important books like crazy. We also have countless proofreaders etc. who are our own sisters and brothers too. Their hard work brought us the book titles like: Holy Books of Thelema, Magick in Theory and Practice, Magick without Tears, The Vision and the Voice, Tao Teh King, The Law is for All and the Book of Thoth to just name some of the most known books currently available. And more are coming! More are always coming. A big shout out to all of them! We all appreciate their hard work very much!

All I have left is a little report on our OTO body from Idrija.

We are called FNIX camp and we have beenregistered as an OTO body for a year now. But this is not when the magickal history of our Mercury-filled town begins. We composed a unofficial magickal group here at the beginning of the 90’s. It was composed of OTO members only but was never registered formally. It’s a shame really since we are now in a way beginning from the start up.

Our interests of Enochian magick has been present from the start and we can do it practically anywhere in nature. On the hills, in the caves or in the temples. We have also created the so called Enochian calendar of which more will come out later.

We are now working on getting Temples place for us here. Something that we can call our own for the next 10 years or so. But we are working in the meantime also. We have in the past worked almost exclusively in nature, mostly on top of the hills around our town or in a special cave a walk through which is a special initiation by itself. Most of our work in the past was on Enochian magick.

But a few years ago when I started to think about a formal body of our own and OTO in Slovenia in general we decided we should be broader. So it is now the 4th year that we are organizing a regional OTO weekend camping in the woods as a part of the celebration of the 1st Night of the Prophet and his Bride. As usual it will be held a weekend before the 12th of August.

There we try to bring our members together to exchange experience, ideas etc. We are usually doing a special group ritual which includes everyone. Last year it was The Bacchanal, from The Grimoire of Aleister Crowley by Rodney Orpheus. The year before we invoked Baphomet. This year we are still open to suggestions.

The rest of the days are filled with regular ritual practice, Liber Resh , presentations and initiation workshops and walking in the woods. One can possibly even swim in a local lake when the conditions are okay. This year we are also planning to do some Minerval initiations there. The point of this event is to bring together all the members from the country and if at all possible even wider.

So we would like to extend the invitation to all of the members of the Order. If you can see yourself camping in Slovenia forest for 2 days you are more than welcome to join us. Will you be maybe in the neighborhood or traveling through our country at the time? Why not stop for 2 days and bring us some news? Or don’t bring news. Just come!

If you are interested please write to

Or contact us through Slovenia O.T.O. site at:

Love is the law, love under will.
Jure Sršen